— Website Rebrand

Client:  JinkyArt Photography / Barb Uil
Agency:  FloAgency
My Role:  Web Design, Illustration & Animation.



— The Project

It was very exciting working on JinkyArt project and the reason for that was that we had a lot of creative freedom in the process and the only crucial requirement from Barb was to make something really special and different from everything that is currently present in the industry. Although the site technically is very advanced, from the graphical point of view we decided to get back to our artistic roots and craft everything by hand.


— Branding elements & Website artwork


— Character animation frames

— Website animations

We had the chance to try a bunch of new html5 features and techniques, which added a lot of interactivity and movement to the site. I had a lot of fun animating the characters and with the help of my friends from FloAgency we built an entire little world with it's own story.